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How Instagram Marketing Can Change the Anatomy of Your Business

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular networking sites just after Facebook and Twitter. The number of users has crossed 800 million and it is growing at a steady rate. The application appeals to people’s visual imagination, which has become the prime reason behind its immense popularity.

What is Instagram marketing?

The use of Instagram as a platform to increase a business is what Instagram marketers are doing. This has helped in growing a business manifold. Even a small start-up firm can gain massive profit if one follows proper strategy. Of course, if you wanted a quick boost at the beginning or a headstart, you could purchase instagram likes and followers. However, it’s not absolutely necessary.

Now, what makes Instagram marketing a viable option?

If you are looking for a good platform to increase your business then there are no better options other than Instagram. Here are the reasons why Instagram marketing can change the anatomy of your business.

Going Mobile

The specialty of this generation is marked by the immense use of mobile phones, and this is going to be our future. Instagram is a mobile-centric app that makes it more usable. Survey says that people use mobile as a primary medium to access the internet. So, this makes Instagram more and more operational in today’s world. Marketers are seeing this as an opportunity where they could get access to a lot of people.

Worldwide connection

Though all the social networking sites have a worldwide connection, Instagram has an additional advantage over others. Facebook is often more personalized that makes content appear on people’s homepage based on their connections and interactions. Instagram doesn’t have any such rules. People can follow or unfollow you making it clear that they won’t see your posts.

Using relevant hashtags also helps your business to be visible to a large number of people that makes a wider connection.

Moreover, it has become more and more difficult for marketers to propagate their business on Facebook since it is cost incurred. Instagram is free that can reach to millions of people.

A total package of entertainment

“A picture paints a thousand words”

Instagram involves pictures that are likely to stay in people’s mind for long. If you engage your followers with good posts, it will help you get out your message better. The more you are able to engage your followers, the more are the chances of building brand awareness. Also, it takes very few seconds to make an impact on your follower’s mind. So take this as a chance to improve your business.

Before venturing into an Instagram marketing project, here is a list of tips that can help you-

  • Square photos

While clicking on Instagram, make sure your photo is square that will fit Instagram without cropping. There are many apps available nowadays that allows you to take a square picture. Also, this feature is embedded in many phones and camera so that you can take a picture that tells a whole story.

  • A link shortener

When you are thinking about Instagram marketing, URL shortener is an absolute necessity to track traffics to your websites as there is no proper way to track the visitors from an Instagram account. Using a customized bit.ly link can help you measure accurate traffics.

  • Create engaging hashtags

A thoughtful hashtag can escalate your follower’s interaction thereby, benefiting your business in many ways. Firstly, it will help you have a free advertising campaign. And secondly, people would be happy to get featured on your page and use your product to create that hashtag. Also, following trending hashtags helps you to be visible to a wide number of audiences leading to an increasing follower base.

  • Using creative ideas

Since Instagram is based on visual content; make your product appealing by clicking interesting, thought-provoking images. Posting a high quality photo with a genuine story that is backed by art and sensation can leave a mark on the people’s mind.

  • Interact more and more

Upload videos relevant to your business and go live on Instagram educating people about how you work or behind the scenes photo to constantly update about your business. This keeps your account active and your business comes alive in a fun way.

  • Instagram caption

Caption carries equal importance as much as a photo does. You can curate your story that will engage audience more and will help them connect with the picture. The character count for your caption is 2200 which is fairly long enough to tell many things. Also, don’t forget to add a call to action which will encourage your audience to “like” and “share”. This would increase higher engagement from your followers that will ultimately boost your business.

  • Sponsored ads

You must have come across multiple sponsored ads on your timeline. This is a paid feature that helps your business to come up on your more relevant customer’s timeline. This certainly has opened a new prospective to reach target audience. Though, this feature is new-fangled, it’s soon going to take over the market.

  • Sponsored posts

This has taken all over the Instagram where marketers gain huge exposure and ultimately gain large followers. A profile with massive followers often, in exchange of money, advertises other businesses. Nowadays there are a lot of accounts opened only for the purpose of promoting other businesses. You can opt for this service to get maximum exposure.

  • Graphics with quotes

Motivational quotes or tips with good graphics make a long way in promoting your account. It builds trust and reliability that helps you in building brand awareness. After that, share it with proper popular hashtags which will increase your profile’s visibility in a much larger domain.

  • Engage with Instagram influencers

There are many people on Instagram who have a huge follower base and are a great influencer on Instagram. They are trusted people who give advices on variety niches like fashion, beauty, food, healthy living and many more. If your business makes partnership with such influencer, your chance of succeeding will get pretty high.

Instagram marketing is a trending phenomenon in today’s world. With more and more marketers using this application, many features are making way to improve marketer’s experience. It has huge prospects in the coming days and if you are still not in this platform, you might miss a huge opportunity to excel. It’s now easier than ever to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes, so what are you waiting for?

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