TikTok has quickly risen to prominence among lovers of mobile video content, and has exploded in popularity especially among the younger crowd. You can find snippets of TikTok videos on other platforms like YouTube, where folks crosspost content from their favorite TikTok creators.

In short, TikTok has become one of the main destinations for folks wanting to find video content while on the go, and there are a ton of creators on the platform looking to attract more views, followers, and likes to their own pages.

If you’re a marketer, online business owner, or content creator looking to get a little more popular on TikTok, you might be glad to know that there are some simple ways to go about building up your following on the site. With some work, you can begin enjoying the same success as some of your favorite TikTok creators.

How Can You Build Your Following on TikTok?

Building the amount of followers, likes, and views you get on TikTok are similar to strategies you can be taking on other similar platforms to find success. While the formula is largely the same, you have to keep in mind that there are some things unique to TikTok that you can use to your advantage when it comes to bringing more people to your content.

When you are ready to begin building your follower base on Instagram, you will want to keep a few of the following handy hints in the back of your mind.

  • Know your target audience

You want to know the audience who might be interested in you. Think about your target demographic, and make videos relevant to them. When people identify with your content, they are much more likely to want to keep up with future posts from you.

  • Use the proper hashtags to stay relevant

Just like on Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are important on TikTok for finding relevant content. You can research hashtags that content creators in your niche are using, make a list of the top ones, and then use them on your own content. This will help people interested in the stuff you are making find you much more easily.

  • Post your TikTok content on other platforms for maximum exposure

Millions of people are on TikTok, but you can grow your views and following even more by simply cross-posting your TikTok content onto other video platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. You could even make snippets of your favorite content, put it into a compilation video, and post that to show off a sort of “best of” video showcasing your TikTok content.

  • Try to collaborate with other content creators on TikTok

People grow to love and keep up with their favorite content creators on TikTok. Why not reach other creators’ fans by reaching out to other accounts on the platform and inquire about making content together? Collaborations can be good for both parties, promoting one another to their respective audiences.

You should also always remember to stay engaged with your follower base to keep them interested in what you are doing, as well as attract other folks to your content.

The Importance of Engagement on TikTok

Don’t let the headline mislead you – engagement isn’t only important on TikTok, it is an essential part of growing your presence on any social media platform.

Fans love it when their favorite content creators engage with their comments, and if you really want to keep your current followers engaged with what you are doing as well as keep other people interested in checking you out, you want to make sure you are engaging with and interacting with your followers.

This can be simple. You just need to think about what you would want to see if you were interacting with your favorite content creators. These tips might go a long way in helping you improve your engagement game on TikTok. Similar to how you can buy followers for Instagram, you can also look into growth services like Tokmatic.

  • Reply to comments

Keep an eye on your comments on your videos and other content. Fans really like it when their favorite content creators engage with them directly through comment replies. Take a look at your comments and reply to as many as you can. This makes you seem more approachable and more human. People want to connect with you – make it simple for them by connecting back with them!

  • Give shout-outs to special fans

Do you have some fans who go above and beyond to promote you or help support what you do? If you have gotten a nice donation or some other type of contribution in helping your content grow, make sure to give them a shout-out in your videos! People love seeing what they do recognized and appreciated.

Never underestimate the importance of staying engaged with your fans on TikTok and similar platforms. At the end of the day, content creators who seem to be more approachable and kind to their fans will be more successful than the creator who only posts their content and then never engages with anyone on the platform.

For online marketers or webmasters looking to attract potential visitors to their websites or online storefronts, this kind of engagement can mean converting eyeballs into potential paying customers, a huge incentive to make unique content and engage with your followers.

Get Started on Your TikTok Journey

Ready to begin taking advantage of all of the things TikTok has to offer? You will be hard-pressed to find a more engaged and interested audience these days, especially if you are marketing to the younger crowd. TikTok is only going to continue growing in popularity as more folks hop on the platform for its entertainment value.

Come up with interesting and unique ideas for content you could make, post it, and then sit back and wait for the engagements to come in. Reply to them, make yourself an approachable and likable figure on the platform, and you should find it simple to bring in people to enjoy the content you post.

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