Social media is known to have captured the entire world in its ambit. It is captivating and it is engaging. So, without taking a second opinion, it is preferable to boost one’s talents up there. As a blogger tries to thrive on his or her writing, a promotion on the social media is a must. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. are considered as leading platforms in the brand promotional sector. And the spectators are hugely relying on these resources.

The following benefits can be derived in this case. It can be broadly divided into two categories, namely overall benefits and technical benefits.

Attracting like-minded people:

Social media is highly active with even higher active users. So in order to get like-minded viewers or readers for one’s blogs, it is crucial to promote one’s posts on these platforms.

Sharing is caring:

Social media provides a platform for the audience to share the same with other people and likewise increase views of one’s blogs.

Socially active:

It lets one to be more active on social networks than usual, since one has to follow up the already posted blog by answering or interacting with the audience as they put up their thoughts and questions in the comments section.

Being visible and popular:

This is the consequence of the second point. The more a blog is shared, the more it becomes visible to a wide range of audience. And if the content is good, it becomes popular too.

A cheaper way of promotion:

Facebook is free. And so is Instagram, and so are other promotional platforms. Everybody has got access to these. So, definitely it’s the cheapest way of promoting one’s blog instead of putting it up on any paid services platform.

Technical benefits:

Now, let’s talk of the technical aspects of blogging and its benefits which comes with promoting one’s website on social media.

  • Page ranking:

This is the most demanded feature. The search engines tend to provide best results to the user; hence the ones actively shared on social media will be the ones to rank top in the search results.

  • Brand awareness:

Even a small blog of one’s business can turn into a big brand, provided they are promoted through social media.

  • SEO based results:

Search Engine Optimization can work wonders here. Pushing the right keywords through hastags (on social media) helps a specific content procure an impressive SERP rank.

  • Content promotion based on target:

Various tools and filters in the social media sector allow one to choose and promote one’s work to the target audience specifically.

  • Relation with other brands:

It also helps in building cordial relation with other similar or non-similar brands, which might later give rise mutual cooperation in the working field.

Thus it is clear from the above mentioned points that social media is like a think tank that allows to grow as well fall (if the case be) in the eyes of the audience. Newspapers and pamphlets are obsolete. It’s the digital world in one’s palm that has taken over.

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